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Financial planning is an indispensable tool to ensure the achievement of objectives, its importance lies in the fact that they allow to anticipate and show the problems that may appear in the future, to take stock of where the company is and also to establish a clear course to follow. They also provide a framework for determining the financial impact and effects of various corrective actions.

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To constantly monitor the financial planning process in order to control the management and implement improvements or changes if necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the organizations.

This will allow the control and management of investment, financing and operating risks of the company, which can divert us to meet the proposed goals, as well as take advantage of opportunities and improve the management of the company’s resources. Good planning will allow us to make more effective and efficient decisions.

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Proper financial planning provides many benefits to companies such as: it will enable companies to thoroughly evaluate the economic resources they manage and make financial and investment decisions based on profitability and expected returns. In addition, it will prepare organizations with financial alternatives to support them in case the market situation turns out to be adverse.

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